3 Causes Why Free Fire is Enhanced than PUBG Mobile Lite on Low-end Android Devices

By Admin 3 years ago

3 Causes Why Free Fire is Enhanced than PUBG Mobile Lite 3 Causes Why Free Fire is Enhanced than PUBG Mobile Lite

This article will evaluate Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite based on this criterion to decide which game is better on low-end Android devices.

3 - More gameplay modes and maps

Free Fire has more to present than PUBG Mobile Lite in terms of gameplay modes and maps.

Garena's popular battle royale game makes common changes to gameplay modes, which aids to keep content fresh for players.

Free Fire also has extra maps and game modes than PUBG Mobile Lite. Game modes such as Big Head and Clash Squad are fan favorites and have a lot to proffer to players.

2 - Simple graphics and easy device optimization

As the month comes to an end, Garena Free Fire players can look forward to a brand's latest Elite Pass. This time around, players can look ahead to a new theme known as the Theatre of Torment.

Free Fire has good graphics and device optimization. The game has a lesser map aspect but more vivacious color schemes.

PUBG Mobile Lite has more composite graphics, with complex detailing and quality frame structures that amplify the device optimization load. Free Fire can, therefore, perform better on low-end Android devices.

1 - In-game mechanisms

The most thrilling feature of Free Fire is possibly the inclusion of characters, pets, and dynamic implementation during gameplay.

Characters and pets in Free Fire have particular abilities that give players an important benefit on the virtual battleground. The game also has lively features such as surfboarding, ziplining, etc.

PUBG Mobile Lite, on the other hand, has a more practical approach and is largely devoid of such vibrant features.

According to these factors, Free Fire is an enhanced game than PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end devices.