Where's my Water Game Review

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Where My Water Where My Water
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As for all time, there are three ducks in each level to collect, and this time, you pretty much require getting as a lot of as possible to undo level gates.

Yep, not like past iterations where you could hop levels in your free time, you have to in fact ace some levels to progress to a new set. For veterans like me, it’s not actually an issue,

but I can see more informal players getting pretty irritated since, after all, the beauty of the original games is the fact that you might play them at your hold pace.

Game play-wise the 100 levels on offer contain a bit more diversity this time approximately in its place of your standard “water to tub" puzzles.

There are now levels where you have to shun bring together any ducks, in adding together to upside-down stages, and unusual challenges like principal a stream of water during a regularly scrolling screen (multi-touch, an attribute that’s always been in the series, in reality, shines here).

The Mystery Duck levels from the original’s add-on campaign also return and are as pleasant as ever. As a whole, it’s not nearly as strong as what I’d think to be the best game in the series but it’s still a ton of fun, however.

But not all is well in Swampy-Land, as I ran into some irritation along the way. For one, Facebook Connect is all the time in your face after each level, and it’s even a persistent being there on the map screen.

Sadly, where’s My Water? 2 constantly pester you to reach out to your friends to restock your energy and even unchain more content late-game.

If you entirely hate this “feature," odds are you’ll uninstall the game previous to you put up with it new than once — or just absolutely refuse to install it.

The other possible issue is energy. Yes, an energy timer is in where’s My Water? 2. Even if you can pretty much play at your freedom early on, it’s confusing to think why,

after numerous unbeaten fully paid iterations, that Disney would bring in a fermium format into the contract.

Of itinerary, receiving the water to the pipes swiftly happens to be more challenging.

Peril-like puddles of bleach, mold, and unfilled spots where water can wind up torrential off the map are just hardly any of the evils that have to be conquered.

As a result, players have to form out how to get rid of things like the first two and pass up problems like the third.

The sensible physics make these small brainteasers extremely fun to play through, and it doesn’t take long to get totally hooked on Where’s My Water?

Digging during the dirt is extremely easy. All players have to do is haul their fingers crossways the screen and a path opens up anywhere the finger touches.

All along the way players boast to through the (usually finite) supply of water so it flows during a number of rubber duckies; collecting these duckies unlocks a new group of levels.

This entire works extremely well, and dig the pathways in fact proves to be both challenging and fun with no ever feeling recurring.

Where’s My Water? Is it one of those uncommon gems that manage to get the whole thing right? It’s clever and goofy and delightful. On top of that, the game is amazingly addictive.

Anybody who enjoys physics puzzle titles would be out of their mind to miss the opportunity this up.