The Story behind Ruzzle - Rhe Absurdly Popular Mobile Game receiving 2 Million New Users Per Week

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The Story behind Ruzzle The Story behind Ruzzle

If you’ve been paying attention to the diverse app store charts in current months, you may have noticed a modest game known as Ruzzle appear from time to time.

In the nuttiest of nutshells, Ruzzle is a communal word game where you confront friends (or strangers) to see who can search the most words in two minutes. You then score off as many words as probable with a deft swipe of the finger.

The game garnered concentration almost right away when it began early last year, but interest was originally confined to its domestic market in Sweden, as well as Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. But sometime late last year, that all modified…and things took off immensely.

Launching for iOS in March 2012, subsequently by Android a month later, Ruzzle notched up one million downloads three weeks after initiation, increasing to a cool five million by October, and then six million by untimely December.

This exponential growth looks set to carry on too, as we’re told that this number is expanding by two million each week.

Moreover, forty million rounds of Ruzzle are played every day, across one hundred countries, facilitated by its accessibility in ten languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

These types of numbers and factoids are too hard to overlook, so we tracked down the superior people behind Ruzzle to see who they are, how their game came into existence, and where stuff could go from here.

Mag Interactive, Sweden

The company behind Ruzzle is Mag Interactive, an autonomous Swedish app development studio in Stockholm. Founded in 2010 by Daniel Hasselberg, Roger Skagerwall, and others, the company now has ten employees, who have formed more than ten apps for exterior clients, plus two for themselves…Ruzzle, and the lately launched QuizCross. But what we want to discern about just now is Ruzzle.

“The complete project took about 3-4 months until initiation. But we continued to extend the game throughout 2012, and have been working on it for about a year now.”

So, did Hasselberg observe this game taking off in the mode that it has? “We were pretty certain it would be very addictive, given that all our beta testers got hooked and played like fanatical throughout the test period,” he says. And that is also something we have incessantly worked on improving since launch.”

The role of social

Although the app was already well-liked in local markets within a month of launch, the scale at which it started to cultivate was perhaps the real surprise for Hasselberg and Co. And he’s not completely sure how the enhancement came about, though he is sure that social media had a huge part to play.

“For perspective, there are fewer than ten million people in Sweden. “In April/May time, it took off in Denmark, Norway, and Holland in the similar way as it did in Sweden. Then from September through to December, it began to take off in Spain, France, and Italy.”

But then December happened, and things went in a bit wrong way.