Temple Run: Oz Review

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Temple Run Oz Temple Run Oz
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Ever since Imangi Studios launched the everlasting running game Temple Run for iOS and Android, it made sure that we never clogged consecutively. The game has seen 4 versions since the inventive release in August 2011, with the consequence, Temple Run 2 launching previous this year in January.

The game has not just been longed-for, but went on to crack the evidence of Angry Birds Space watching in 50 million downloads in just 13 days.

Of these 4 versions, two are spin-offs free in alliance with Disney. While one was Temple Run: Brave, based on the vigorous Disney/Pixar movie Brave, the more recently launched Temple Run: Oz is enthused form the forthcoming Disney movie Oz: The Great and influential.

We underway running in the recent environments to discover out if it persists to keep us just as enthusiastic as the creative game.

Temple Run Oz stays factual to the game's custom of hysterically running as well as turning, jumping and sliding to turn away from difficulty and gathering coins.

But since this description is based on Disney's movie, it slots in a lot of elements such as new-fangled environments, objects and characters.

The game is absolutely more demanding than the original one but alike to Temple Run: Brave and the just started on Temple Run 2 in a number of ways.

It appears to have gotten faster as well, challenging greater centre and better reflexes. The obstacles in the game are quite difficult and grasp you by surprise.

They emerge only when you move towards them really close, unlike the previous games where you could see them well in go forward.

Plants in the game frequently jump from locations on the side of the path, attempting to clutch you as they go down.

Trees also frequently go down, apparently out of nowhere, into the path to chunk your way. But the obstructions are just one part.

The path itself will sometimes fall down while you're on high bridges or cliffs, forcing you to make a split-second choice to shift to the side of the bridge that stays unbroken.

The musical background of the beating drums has been substituted by the movie's backdrop score that adds a lot of concentration and remains the adrenaline rush going.

As always, the graphics are really flat and you'll be in terror of the surroundings and the concentration to aspect.

Temple Run: Oz also has confident widespread elements as seen in the Brave version of the game.

You could gather bows in the game to unlock diverse bonuses like additional score points and score multipliers at the end of every running sitting.

Here the bow has been restored by a musical key to unlock the music box for alike bonuses. Further, you can decide to open all the boxes in case you're feeling too ravenous, by paying extra coins.

A new constituent in the game as is the core of the original Wizard of Oz movie is time travel with the hurricane in a approach of speaking.

While successively you come across sign posts guiding you which way to take and soon enough you'll see yourself transitioning between worlds with the sallow brick road collapsing before you and taking you to a dissimilar location.

The Whimsical Woods are set in brilliant environs but unsafe all the while with precipices and forests. The Dark Forest is set in a cemetery amidst ruins of stones and gives a intellect of sin lurking around.

After every running conference, if you occur complete that exacting level's challenges, you stage up and are honoured with gems or coins.

Another attractive neat movie-inspired constituent is the hot-air ballon which appears at some points in the game for an added chance to gather coins as you cruise through the clouds and make your way across the crystals significant of Emerald City.

The balloons emerge on the screen, and head speedily in one direction at a crossroads. Pursue the balloon and leap on to take a balloon trip through the clouds. In case you don't undergo like it, you can always prefer to head out in the other course.

The game also provides added power ups every now and then which comprise a magnet, a airborne monkey and a soap bubble amongst others. Gems can also be utilized to "supercharge" power-ups.