Super Stickman Golf 2 Review

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Super Stickman Golf 2 Review Super Stickman Golf 2 Review

It’s not unusual for a mobile game to comprise well over a dozen hours of gameplay.

But this yearning to produce a huge volume of content often comes at the expenditure of gameplay diversity, poise, or overall quality. What good does it do to have 10+ hours of content if it’s all recurring or bland?

Super Stickman Golf 2 Review

With Super Stickman Golf 2, developer Noodlecake has managed to evade this pitfall and generate that elusive video game cocktail: a game with a truly remarkable amount of gameplay, lots of diversity, and a bevy bonus challenges for completionists.

It’s an unusual sequel that truly does enhance its predecessor in fundamentally every way possible.

The essential stickman golf formula remains easy and unchanged – you evolve through the 20 2D courses by setting your shot angle through simple touch-screen arrows and your power with a one-touch timing mini-game.

The sequel's cartoony stick figure golfers and efficient scenery aren't remarkable, but the catchy, vastly enhanced and diverse soundtrack makes up for any visual deficiencies.

Graphics in Super Stickman Golf 2

The early courses provide ample gentle curves, but things rise quickly. Ball portals into water hazards, magnetized walls that thrust your ball in unanticipated ways, and ball-vaporizing lasers are among the nastier exposures you’ll come across ever.

Fortunately, smart play can twirl the diabolical and downright mean course design to work in your goodwill through a variety of limited-use power-ups.

It’s enormously fulfilling to beat a water hazard not by working around it, but by using a Freeze Ball to land correctly on it, turning it to ice.

Equally, smile-inducing is using a Sticky Ball to stick to a wall, skipping a vicious problem completely.

These power-ups, combined with the sequel’s much more sparkling, moving courses make the experience feel like a crazy, fast-paced arcade experience that just occurs to have a golf theme.

This feeling is compounded when playing Race Mode against three Game Center rivals. There is a conventional, turn-based multiplayer selection for gamers that want to get their multiplayer on during their own time, but in this continuation, Race Mode is once again where it’s at.

It doesn’t concern who gets to the hole in the least strokes, it only matters who gets there first. Precision goes out the window, replaced with an emotion of wild swings and power-ups – anything to close on the hole as swiftly as possible.

Review of Super Stickman Golf 2

I’m tender of messing with my rivals by using the Sand/Water Swap power-up at key moments of their swing.

In addition to the vigorous multiplayer, smartly planned single-player course challenges kept me constantly coming back for more. Every course has three different challenges to complete.

Earning a gold star needs hitting a score threshold by any means necessary. The Clean Ball award, my personal favorite, needs finishing under par without the usage of any power-ups. Ultimately, every course has 10 Golf Bux (the game's virtual currency) hoarded away in out-of-the-way corners.

Discover and assemble all ten for the final bonus. It’s a vast system that elegantly encourages replay. My approach is usually to thoroughly earn the Clean Ball award on my first run, clean up with a passionate score using power-ups second, and ultimately earn dem bux on my third run once I’ve spotted where they’re all hitting.

Super Stickman Golf 2 is an enormous sequel, refined to near perfection. Whether you're a Single Player 2D golf sniper out for ideal scores or a casual fan of Race Mode frenzy, the game is simply deserving of a place on your phone or tablet.

It's just missing the skill to earn all the power-ups through normal play.