Subway Surfers Characters - Every Probable Way to Unlock Them

By Admin 6 months ago

Subway Surfers Characters - Every Probable Way to Unlock Them Subway Surfers Characters - Every Probable Way to Unlock Them

When you are playing Subway Surfers, perhaps one of the most vital elements is the actual surfer you select.

Even though they give you no extra bonuses, they can have a much bigger influence on the game than you might imagine. For example, certain characters might feel a lot simpler to control than others thanks to their animation- I, for one, would play Tasha over Tricky someday!

At the very starting, you will have only Jake but then quickly enough you will discover others too. There would not only be characters but also skins for them which can change the characters' look completely.

Below we're going to jump a little deeper into how you can unfasten more characters in Subway Surfers, and give you a few tips concerning how you can get more, for free.

How to unlock more Subway Surfers characters?

Even though you can unlock some for just playing and collecting their corresponding items, some characters are there for a limited time and you will require to invest quite a lot of time to unlock them for free. Some even come with a premium price.

If you are curious about extending your collection, it's something you should consider.

The "default" characters, if we can name them that, are Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, and Yutani - they can be unlocked by merely gathering their items through playing.

Their skins can be unlocked in the same fashion, so let's say these are the main Subway Surfers characters.

Apart from them, you'll have over 100 more characters, many of which are partial. Of course, when I mean characters I am also relating to their skins. After all, they do give the characters an exclusive look, or turn them into a completely new person!

Unlock more characters by saving up Coins

Many characters can be unlocked by merely collecting Coins. This could also be regarded as a "f2p" method to get more Surfers, but this can become costly, particularly if you've just started playing the game lately.

Some, like Prince K for instance, can go all the way up to 980,000 Coins, which is quite an achievement.

I recommend saving up quite a few coins before you choose to unlock a particular character (around 95,000 Coins) because if there are detailed time-limited events and you can purchase the characters, that's the price you'd perhaps have to pay for them.

Gather as many Keys as you can

You can also undo characters by saving up Keys! Yes, yes, you might not consider the characters, but rather character skins or outfits, but they're still totally new characters! This would be an additional way to undo them.

I would advise you to try and save moderately a few Keys ahead of time because some skins can cost up to 60 Keys to undo!

The top manner would be to save quite a few ahead of time and when something new comes along, you can choose whether or not you want to buy it, and check if it's for a limited time or not.

What's the most excellent way to unlock more Subway Surfers characters?

One of the easiest manner to get more characters, particularly if you're just getting started, is trying to make the most out of what you can, with what you have, at the present.

Search for a character that you like. It could be any one of the free ones you will unlock at the beginning or for even a limited time from an event that is in progress.

Then, utilize that character to collect as many Keys and Coins as you can. Try gathering at least 95,000 Coins and approximately 40 to 60 Keys.

If you gather these ahead of time, you'll be able to unlock all the latest non-premium content that's continuously being released. Oh, and I forgot to state, feel free to use all the extra Coins and Keys you gathered for non-limited characters and outfits!