Spaceteam Mobile Game Review

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Spaceteam Mobile Game Review Spaceteam Mobile Game Review

Space is an unsafe place to live. You’ve got alien invasions, storms of the comet, and lethal radiation around every corner. As it turns out, the walls of your spaceship are very, very thin when you wonder about how fatal that vacuum out there truly is.

But now is no time for thinking about the dangers of space on a rational level. Your ship is falling apart, there’s a black hole about to shred open space/time, and your only hope of endurance is to keep up with the flow of system failures, all the while dealing with lethal anomalies.

So bypass me that Holospindle, oh and the Fluxloosener Inducer, whoever has it! This is Spaceteam, and we’ve got a ship to rescue!

How It Plays - Spaceteam

Whatever your task was before, the only thing that matters in Spaceteam is keeping your ship back together, and it appears that it is falling apart at the ridges.

Exactly the moment you repair one system, another system breaks down, and some clown down in accounting dotted some T’s instead of crossing the I’s, so you only have one set of tools on the plank.

It’s a race against time before your ship falls apart entirely, leaving you for dead. But, if you can mend all the breakdowns and obtain your main systems back online, you might have a chance of existence.

So, here’s how it functions: everyone’s got a pile of Malfunctions and a hand of Tools. You’re all experts, so when something breaks you usually know precisely what you need to fix it, or at least you are aware of what it looks like.

Pros and Cons of Spaceteam Game

The timer begins, and chaos develops. Facing one break down card at a time, you’ve got to get all the essential tools and play them next to the Malfunction card so you can turn over it facedown, but like I said you’ve only got one set of tools between you.

That means a lot of yelling to the other crew members as to what you require. Sometimes, you remember clearly that it’s the Quasipaddle that you require, but then the pressure is put in and you identify the tool you’re looking for looks fairly like a large purple comb with a hamster wheel at the end of it but you can’t remember what it's called to save your life. Either way, you require it.

It’s a huge ship, so you’ll require to pass tools only to the neighboring players to get them across the table to Kevin who should have deliberated of that forty seconds ago.

As soon as you have all the tools you require, you flip your malfunction face down, select up your tools, and… right away deal with another malfunction.

Except, sometimes, something much bad occurs. You might get sucked out of the ship, and the two nearby people have to pull you back in. You might discover you’re a robot and you only have two robot fingers, on one hand, to work with. You might strike a gravity deformation that kicks everyone out of their seats. These are called Anomalies.

Systems in Spaceteam Game

If you are very, very fortunate, you might fix a primary system. All you have to do to repair one of those is a scream that it’s ready to go, and put the card at the center of the table.

You must have set it when you repaired those other 17 malfunctions, but estimate what? Break down number 18 is blowing up in your face right at this instant.

When all 6 Systems Go cards are on the table and prearranged properly congratulations! You’ve repaired your ship, and you might make it home. Unless you get struck by another asteroid or alien assault or run into another burgeoning black hole.

In any case, you’ve succeeded the game. If, however, the time goes out, you are all dead and sucked into a black hole and no one will ever know what occurred to you.