Raid Manager Game Review

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Raid Manager Raid Manager
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Normally I set aside my early paragraphs for basic game explanation, but I want to take a moment before that and talk about what Raid Manager isn’t.

Raid Manager is not a big first name premium title churned out by an army of low paid programmers determined by whip and drum to convene industry standards.

Next chapter, from what I can glean, is a very tiny company. They do not have a enormous catalogue of apps, this game stands unaided under the Jungyu Lee name.

Each single observation on the App Store has been replied to and after just releasing they are previously on version 1.7.7. This game oozes fervor project and I have to confess I am a sucker for it

So, now that we are precedent what it isn’t, what is Raid Manager? You are put into the holdup role seat of an MMO replicated environment. Your job is to keep your team living and get levels, gear, teammates, and skill points.

All of this is covered in an auto-clicker approach gameplay loop that admittedly does modest to divert from a pretty simple sloping power curve that requires to be beast forced whenever your party runs aground against a enemy you lose to.

Die to a clash? Level up, stuff up, grasp some more skills and you get to go on to the subsequent fight, so on and so forth. Your abilities comprise moving your healer around, and beating and holding down on teammates while the inn at the bottom fills.

There are entity abilities that obtain shed if you stop the bar on them and every ability has a cooldown on it. The pace is frantic and for the most part you can leave the game on auto-play and see rock-hard accomplishment.

Something I found quite humorous about this game is that there are a few accuracies that appear to be merely inadvertent. The broken english and recurring grind make me feel more at home in an asian-style MMO than perhaps anything else about this game.

I say this with fondness but it makes me chuckle thinking how close this game is to a religious descendant of the hack games.

The story line ground that you are operating within a game humankind is nothing new, but in many iterations, like .hack, the MMO field is dully unfun, exasperating and cyclical.

I’ve always speculated if those qualities are a true likeness of the developer’s estimation on online games or if they are merely used as a shortcut to shun making more multifaceted systems. While it may be a mystery, I do like speculating.

The clicker style gameplay has hardly any areas of succession. There is the usual raid chain of fights that you gradually become better and better at. Heroic dungeons is a region where you can end up enlisting teammates.

Dungeon of Trial rewards money that lets you get better your skills and talents. The final one I want to talk about here is the Gold Dungeon. This one is fresh and fun and makes the whole game sweet cool and enjoyable too.

So the Gold Dungeon follows the well-known set-up of running face first into meet after meet until you die. The big disparity is that you acquire to employ extra authoritative allies who can aid you clear even further than ordinary.

Each time you clear an meet in Gold Dungeon, it drops heroic loot. The BIG crumple is that your recruited allies will begin a bidding war with you to maintain the plunder for themselves.

Gold Dungeon has a mart system built on top of it and is concurrently the main source of loot and gold in the game. Don’t like an article that drops? Drive up the cost then have your allies disburse you gold for it. It’s a huge little system.

Raid Manager isn’t going to vie with big commercial gacha titles. It won’t fight with huge name ports and it might not even fight with indie dear games.

All those kinds of games know their marketing, know their viewers, and know a lot of the business nearby game growth. This game does have a first price tag and it does have in game purchases, and yes I know that is an awful thing.

The first-class thing for us is that this game is not designed to vigor you to make purchases. It’s really hard to find the purchases in the game and you don’t require them. It really serves as another prompt this isn’t a commercial money printer.

That said though, Raid Manager is not as fine as it could be for many of the above reasons, but the underneath line is that it is still a fun game regardless of itself.