How is PUBG Mobile India diverse From PUBG Mobile Global Version? Check newest Features Here

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PUBG Mobile India diverse From PUBG Mobile Global Version PUBG Mobile India diverse From PUBG Mobile Global Version
PUBG Mobile India recent News Today:

Last year was full of varied feelings for all PUBG Mobile users. Their most beloved game was banned in India and they were left with no fascinating game like PUBG to play.

However, there was some anticipation that PUBG Mobile India will be launched and they can get the possibility to play the game again.

But their hope again got pulled down when the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology made it clear that the PUBG and its connected games will not be launched in India over data and privacy issues.

In November last year, an encouragement of hope appeared for the mobile gamers after Krafton Inc. announced a region-specific edition of the game PUBG Mobile India. Krafton Inc also unconfined teasers on its social media handles featuring well-known figures like Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kronten.

According to updates, PUBG Mobile India is a region-specific edition of the battle royale label, specially created to provide to users in India. Earlier, Krafton had revealed that the confidentiality of the users would be their utmost main concern.

“To imitate the needs and inclinations of Indian users and to generate a healthy gameplay environment and culture, game contents will be significantly enhanced.

The setting of Battleground Mobile India is set as a virtual simulation training ground, character costumes are involuntarily installed, and the bloodstain consequence is changed to green, minimizing the influence on the play experience and adjusting some contents as per the locality.

Furthermore, a playtime limit function will be enhanced for the healthy use of the game for teenagers,” Krafton Inc had said.

If ever released, PUBG Mobile India will have frequent changes contrasted to that of the global variant. Some of the changes would be:

  • Default character clothing: According to updates, the characters in PUBG Mobile India will be completely clothed and the mobile gamers wouldn’t be able to strip off them.
  • Playtime limit: Another exclusive feature has been established to bound the playtime of the game. This feature has been enhanced to encourage healthy gaming habits among the younger audience.
  • Green Hit Effect: This mode will be locked to the green color. Meanwhile, in the global edition, users will be able to modify the colors.
  • Even though Krafton proclaimed an investment of $100 million for endorsing video games, esports, IT, and entertainment industries in India, there has been no authorized announcement concerning the game’s release date.

    Hence, users are still on the waiting list when PUBG Mobile India will be released in the country.