Coin Master Raid Madness Event Full Rewards List

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Coin Master Raid Madness Event Rewards List Coin Master Raid Madness Event Rewards List
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Raid Madness is the Event for the Raid. Higher you get raid higher value of rewards you get.

Let us Discuss about the raid madness.

What is Raid Madness?

At first, Raid Madness is known as Raid Master and in Raid Master, Rewards value is low and hard to get but in update Coin Master update the features of the Raid Master event and launch a new event Raid Madness with new features and more rewards.

Know about Coin Master Camp Event Rewards List

Now let us know about the Coin Master Raid Madness Rewards List

Note : Coins Rewards is depend on Coin Master game level. Suppose you are in level “A” and your friend is on level “B”, then your friend and you will get different rewards on each Raid.
Number Of Raid Rewards List
1 Raid 50 Spins
2 Raids 2M Coins
2 Raids 6M Coins
3 Raids 100 Spins
1 Raid 5K XP
4 Raids 29M Coins
6 Raids 200 Spins
8 Raids 87M Coins
10 Raids 350 Spins
2 Raids 8K XP
12 Raids 145M Coins
20 Raids 650 Spins
3 Raids 15K XP
25 Raids 250M Coins
40 Raids 1.8K Coins
8 Raids 40K CP
50 Raids 500M Coins
80 Raids 3.7K Spins
150 Raids 1.5B Coins
300 Raids 8K Spins

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