Coin Master Beat the Heat Event Full Rewards List

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Coin Master Beat the Heat Event Rewards List Coin Master Beat the Heat Event Rewards List
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Are you looking for Coin Master Beat The Heat Rewards List? Here the full list of coin master beat the heat event!

We discuss about what is the event in Coin Master? Read it if you want to know about coin master events.

Know about Coin Master Attack Madness Event Rewards List

Coin Master announces new events based on true events of regular life or National and international festival. So Coin Master Beat the Heat event is related to summer event. Here this event gives you more amount of spins and coins.

Enjoy it before it’s too late.

Below the full list of beat the heat rewards.

Note : Coins Rewards is depend on Coin Master game level. Suppose you are in level “A” and your friend is on level “B”, then your friend and you will get different rewards on each Heat.
Number Of Champ Rewards List
15 BEAT 75 Spins
30 BEAT 5.5M Coins
35 BEAT 10M Coins
90 BEAT 375 Spins
50 BEAT 35M Coins
75 BEAT 45M Coins
210 BEAT 900 Spins
180 BEAT 100M Coins
270 BEAT 350M Coins
420 BEAT 1500 Spins
300 BEAT 400M Coins
1200 BEAT 3000 Spins
1050 BEAT 1.5B Coins
1800 BEAT 5250 Spins
1875 BEAT 2.2B Coins
3000 BEAT 7500 Spins
4800 BEAT 5.5B Coins
9000 BEAT 15K Spins

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