Coin Master Attack Madness Event Full Rewards List

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Coin Master Attack Madness Event Rewards List Coin Master Attack Madness Event Rewards List
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Here, we discuss about coin master attack madness rewards list.

First, we have to know about what is attack madness and what is the game play of Coin Master while Attack Madness Event is live.

Game Play while Attack Madness

Attack Madness is the event for attacks when you get three match of hammers that’s attack and you can destroy or take revenge from your friends. When you attack on someone you get some amount of coins but when attack madness event is live you will get more rewards with it.

Know about Raid Madness Event Rewards List

So, below we list out Coin Master Attack Madness Rewards List, Check it out now.

Note : Coins Rewards is depend on Coin Master game level. Suppose you are in level “A” and your friend is on level “B”, then your friend and you will get different rewards on each Attack.
Number Of Attack Rewards List
1 Attack 50 Spins
2 Attacks 5M Coins
2 Attacks 10M Coins
4 Attacks 150 Spins
4 Attacks 28M Coins
2 Attacks 5K XP
9 Attacks 65.5M Coins
15 Attacks 350 Spins
4 Attacks 10K XP
23 Attacks 140M Coins
30 Attacks 600 Spins
9 Attacks 20K XP
33 Attacks 210M Coins
48 Attacks 1K Spins
9 Attacks 25K XP
80 Attacks 1.2B Coins
160 Attacks 3K Spins
180 Attacks 3B Coins
400 Attacks 8K Spins
800 Attacks 300K XP
750 Attacks 10K Spins
1200 Attacks 500K XP
850 Attacks 12K Spins
2500 Attacks 1M XP
1000 Attacks 15K Spins
5000 Attacks 2M XP
2000 Attacks 25K Spins
8000 Attacks 3M XP
4500 Attacks 50K Spins

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