Hot Lava Game Review

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Hot Lava Hot Lava
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Hot Lava is an action game urbanized by Klei, the studio behind games like Don’t Starve. This game takes your childhood reminiscences of playing “the floor is lava" to the next level.

You’ll be jumping, sliding, swinging, and sticking to walls. You can do whatever thing but touching the floor since, you know, it's lava. Just in case you didn’t get that part.

You’ll begin the game playing as Hazard, but you can also play as the other Global Action Team (G.A.T.) members obtainable from the toy shelf. You’ll play in dissimilar maps that go from the school to the playground and even the vault.

As of true now, there are 6 maps, each one with a chain of levels. Typically, you’ll have to get from point A to point B in each level. Though, that’s easier said than done. You’ll face a lot of obstacles down the way. To unchain a new map, you’ll need a convinced quantity of stars, which you get by playing the levels on every map.

There is more than one star on every level, so the completionists out there are going to have to crush a lot. Providentially, these levels are not that not easy on your first try. To get more stars you’ll need to do some challenges like not dying or implementation the level as fast as you can.

Still, it’s just a material of practice. The only hard level is the “go after your sister" mission. This mission is so very frustrating, and gratuitously hard. You have to go after your sister to the goal. Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not. You have to go fast, and if you stay after or take too long you just mislay.

Not like every other level, you don’t have any checkpoints, so if you die you have to start over. And, to make things inferior, you can’t even stop the game since it’ll count as you stopping playing and you’ll just start over.

This last thing might be a bug, but it’s irksome that you can’t even take a break, so I hope they fix it soon. Now let’s talk about gameplay, which is fine, or at the slightest, it would be with some better controls.

As of right now, Hot Lava is a game you must play with a Bluetooth arranger. The on-screen gearshift wraps the corners from the screen. To move your character’s summit of view, you have to move your device to your left or right.

Luckily, you can change that in the settings so you can move your viewpoint with your right finger. Though, thanks to all the other buttons, there will be times when you try to move and you’ll end up with the grab button in its place.

This is something Klei wants to fix as soon as probable. It gets annoying from the start. If you have one, you’ll want to attach a Bluetooth controller since the commencement.

Besides that, the gameplay is easy to learn. It’ll take some time for you to get old to it, but as you progress, you’ll have more control over your jumps. Hot Lava has an exclusive style.

From the universe to the characters and its intellect of humor, you can see the team took its time to get the aesthetics right, and they spike it. The models and animations are well made.

And even as the typescript is clean and easy, you can give them an unlike look with the figurines you’ll get from each level.

Overall, Hot Lava is a fun park our/action game with a lot of impending.Until then, Hot Lava remains an immense game for the people with the correct tackle, i.e. a Bluetooth controller.

The environment and exceptional universe will keep you entertained from start to end and credit to the different starts and collectibles there are, you have a lot of causes to keep playing this game.