Garena Free Fire Game Review

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Garena Free Fire Game Review Garena Free Fire Game Review

The testing of the game was initiated in September 2017. Free Fire's Beta version came into existence on November 20, 2018, and was released on 4th December 2018.

The game got available on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store for download.

Garena Free Fire Game Design

Free fire graphics are very common with most of the furniture such as the tables or houses are very fuzzy. Moreover, the performance of Free Fire is smooth. The phones which lack decent CPUs can run Free Fire aptly without visible FPS lag. Animations are weird when your player goes through the map and reload of the weapon is not done properly.

Free Fire Graphics and performance

According to my point of view, shadows in titles are the most horrible thing. The graphics are average. If you are looking for games with the best graphics, don't play this game. The textures and the player model are not so good.

The graphics of FreeFire are a big dissatisfaction when compared to other games in the combat royale space.


1.Wider Screen and Better View

The initial benefit you would encounter is the difference in the screen. The game looks small on Android and it looks big.

2. The Network Is Smooth and Hardly Ever Has Problems

When you play this game on a PC or Laptop, the network would be more stable than WiFi and won't face a warning that the battery is about to die. This difference would be experienced by those who spend most of the time playing this game on mobile phones.

3. Play using Mouse and Keyboard

When you turn to your PC or laptop, you can move your character with the help of a mouse and keyboard.

This will benefit you as you will be able to move quickly while playing the game. You can easily tap your character to turn around quickly.


1. Not Smooth In Android

When you play on a laptop or a PC, definitely the movements of the characters are diverse. Also, the movements in PCs and laptops are rigid. Thus, you need to work upon your skills to develop the habit to play this game.

2. Emulator That Will Influence the Game

The performance of the Free Fire game will be interrupted if the Emulator is too heavy. As it gets heavier, your game will end by default. This is a major drawback of playing Free Fire on Android and PC.

3. Should Have Large Computer / Laptop Ram Storage

You may require a large computer ram storage. You have computer RAM storage of up to 6 GB. Most of the ram storage is taken up by the emulator.

So, if you wish to smoothly play free fire on a computer, you have to meet up the specifications that necessitate a rather large RAM. Contrasting smartphones, you can play this game easily with only 2GB of smartphones.

Garena Free Fire can be played generously within the country. Characters of the game aid make the battleground more lively as seeing different in-game characters seems visually more attractive instead of the same characters with dissimilar clothing items.

The fun element you look for in this type of game is absent. Free Fire is leaving no stone unturned to make its game as well-liked as possible by proclaiming esports events, both locally and internationally but it won't aid with what the actuality is.

The game play is super sluggish in my view because of which the action, excitement, and adrenaline rush which should be a part of these battle royale games seems misplaced to me.