Dr Driving Review

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Dr Driving Game Review Dr Driving Game Review

So, if you are concerned about learning how to drive on your mobile device in what looks like a 30-year-old Yugo, this may be entertaining. Then again, I'm always up for a first-class driving simulator so let's go with the flow.

Heck, I might even study something about my poor driving skills.

Dr Driving Game Review

Now let's glance at yet another racing game called Dr Driving which puts us in a more sensible outlook, smack dab behind the steering wheel for a rather practical reality experience!

Controls in Dr Driving

When I begin up the game, I have a few choices on how to control steering. Two of the options present tapping options along with a steering wheel, but I choose the third option, which is to use my phone's built-in gyroscope (or whatever it's called) to guide the car by simply tilting the phone. That's the simplest and most efficient way to give yourself the ultimate in steering accuracy if you ask me.

The graphics in Dr Driving look rather impressive and are very precise when it comes to the cityscape and the roads. The car also manages just like a real car should in each way.

The only thing that looks a bit off is the aspect in your vehicle itself, as it seems rather spartan and boxy like an old Yugo, but maybe that developer likes typical 1980s cars for which you can no longer get additional parts.

Who knows, actually, but who cares! There is a lot of fun as you truly get a clear view of the road, just as if you were driving in real life.

It would help if you tracked directions on the screen, which will notify you when to turn left or right, and a timer will be ticking down the clock, so you have a few minutes to make it to your objective.

One wrong move, and it'll be game over as it's all too simple to hit the median or another car. Then you'll be thrashing out insurance papers (if you have them!) and dealing with another irritated motorist.

Ultimately it will tell me to "park in the yellow zone", which I did, even throwing the gear switch on the right-hand side of my exhibit into "Park", but yet nothing occurred. Was I wondering WTF? I did exactly as it said and got nothing for my effort. Is this game half-made or what?

Then when the timer runs out, a timed ad will emerge, which is somewhat irritating, but at least ads don't come out in the middle of gameplay, so that is somewhat of a relief.

I'm just trying to figure out the concept of the game. Obviously, the idea is to follow instructions that show on your display, and I certainly did so, even parking in the yellow zone as it told me, but I got nothing for my endeavour.

Perhaps I'm a beginner, or the developer is a driving instructor who demands excellence in parallel parking, but I deviate.

I don't comprehend why following directions gets me nowhere. That sucks, but perhaps you'll do better than me and enjoy it.

There's no way that sound effects inspire. Yes, some music is playing as you are driving, but there are not many automotive sounds as I anticipated. The tires do screech when you take a turn quickly, so that's cool.

I don't know what to tell you about Driving other than this is a superior driving simulator if it was proposed to be one. It doesn't appear to have any other goal besides that.

If you have fun for the sake of driving, then you will mostly enjoy this. The disadvantage is your car cannot appear to take any damage. Even just merely bumping into the minor fender bender or bumping into the median will bring your game to a sudden end.

At least the game physics is pretty well applied, and you have complete control over the car. Indeed, the car performs and manoeuvres just as an actual vehicle would, so that's its saving elegance.

My guess is it's a driving simulator, but who is aware of it, right?

There are just so many enhanced driving games out there, which lacks any explicit encouragement or addictive factor, so I give this a 5/10. It's really hit or miss whether you will like this or not, and I must confess I don't like it and will hereafter delete it straight away to clear up more space for much improved games.