'Clash of Clans' Game Poisonous Town Hall 14 Exposed, Approaching in April Update

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'Clash of Clans' game Poisonous Town Hall 'Clash of Clans' game Poisonous Town Hall

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 has finally been discovered, through a new trailer available by Supercell on Tuesday morning.

The latest base center features poisonous abilities and a brand-new jungle-themed design. There's a lot you might have a miss in the 30-second clip implanted above, so we'll grasp the footage for you.

Portrayed as "the ultimate inferno," Town Hall 14 gives the latest standard with a Giga Inferno weapon that enhances poison damage to the already influential defense.

It operates a lot like a superior Town Hall 13 at first, but the situation varies severely once the building has been taken down. When the life bar of a Town Hall 14 is completely unfilled, it blows up into a burst of green poison.

This post-death attack not only provides a huge deal of AoE damage but also has major consequences on any troops caught in its blast. Should a troop get trapped in the crossfire, movement speed and attack speed will be nerfed considerably.

Just like earlier Town Halls, Town Hall 14 can be updated as well. It shows five unique levels that, unexpectedly, don't provide any boosts to the building's base DPS or spoil when destroyed. Instead, it's the influence of the abovementioned poison damage that enhances with every new level.

Town Hall 14 is noticeably capable of shredding through a navy of DropShips, which explains it'll be a huge upgrade to your Home Village.

The clip itself may not convey much about how Town Hall 14 functions, but further insight from insiders such as Galadon Gaming aids to clarify April's update even further.

Given how influential Town Hall 14 intends to be, it should be distinguished that upgrades will be very costly to unlock, with many of them being more costly than the total storage of Town Hall 13.

So, while it may be alluring to bring some of the most influential defenses and troops to your base, you'll require a lot of grinding to get there.

Supercell will aptly go into larger detail on the other Town Hall 14 update changes in the upcoming days through diverse sneak peeks, but below is a little sample of some exhilarating tidbits that Galadon pointed out in his developer build display case.

1. Latest walls with a green glow. 2.Recent Hero levels: Royal Champ level 30, Grand Warden level 55, level 80 King Barbarian, and Archer Queen. 3. Lab stage 12. 4. Clan Castle stage 10 with one spare spell added. 5. Eagle Artillery stage 5. 6. Scattershot stage 3. 7. Inferno Tower stage 8. 8. Hidden Tesla stage 13. 9. Cannon stage 20. 10. Bomb Tower stage 9. 11. Barbarian and Archer manila. 12. Healers finished. 13. Latest levels for Valkyrie and Ice Golem.

Some of these better tweaks may vary heading up to launch, but it's simple to see that Clash of Clans' April update proposes to be the game's major overhaul in quite some time. And that much is obvious before the real sneak peeks have even commenced.

Given that fans now discern Town Hall 14 in reality subsists, you may be speculating when the huge update is anticipated to release.

Supercell has been unsurprisingly mum about providing a precise release date, but, given the interval of the ongoing Hammer Jam upgrade sale, we anticipate the patch to go live sometime around April 12.

We'll do our best to notify you about more Town Hall 14 news as it turns up.

Clash of Clans is obtainable currently on Android and iOS.