Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is a semi prequel, semi-reboot to the Modern Warfare franchise.

The game occurs before the events of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but since this is a re-imagining of the whole story, developer Infinity Ward still has plenty of room to not merely return to the events of those former games, but modify and enlarge upon them however they see fit.

It’s also a return to a more stranded, sensible military shooter after years of advanced entries (Call Of Duty: WWII notwithstanding). Gone are superior mobility mechanics–double-jumping and wall-running–and superior abolition.

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You’re still able to glide into a stoop, and Infinity Ward has enhanced door mechanics that enable you to either open doors gradually or burst through, making your entrances that much more spectacular.

Similarly, the hero-shooter aspects of Black Ops 3 and 4 are no more–and good abolition to that, as well. You have diverse operators to play as in multiplayer, but no particular powers are cluttering up matches.

In Special, Ops Operators do have submissive and lively abilities, but that’s a co-op and it’s still toned down from what we saw in the preceding year’s game.

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I played Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s operation on “Hardened” which means I died repeatedly but never got stuck.

I’m going to play it again on “Veteran” to truly amp up the challenge, but “Hardened” is a pretty good poise between challenge and enjoyment. “Your skills will be stressed” sums it up.

In any case, I know there’s been some disagreement over the game’s historical accuracy, but I’m going to review it based on my experience playing rather than nit-picking the historical precision of a game that makes no deception at being anything other than a total fiction.

The country of Uzbekistan is make-believe, and while the regional politics look like the battles we discover ourselves embroiled in that part of the world, the game is using fictional heroes, villains, and events and that’s completely fine.

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There are all types of historical fiction out there, with made-up countries and conflicts, whether we’re talking about books, movies, or video games.

I’m more concerned with other questions, such as:

Was the tale entertaining? Was it well-scripted and well-acted? Was it realistic and coherent within the parameters placed by the fiction? Did it make me suffer things? Did it speak about the superior issues of war in the modern age?

I’ve played every single Call Of Duty operation since Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (and a couple of the pre-Modern Warfare operations as well) and I’ve much fun some more than others.

Some of my favorites comprise Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Black Op and Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 2, World at War, WWII, and Advanced Warfare.

Where the Modern Warfare operation sits in the rankings of all those games is tough to say, but it’s some of the most fun I’ve had since the Modern Warfare trilogy, and I’d possibly put it right above Black Ops 2 which I enjoyed massively.

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Call Of Duty: Modern warfares multiplayer comes with two halves: Competitive multiplayer and supportive Special Ops.

Progression takes over between these two modes, and bits of the story also cross over between the operation and Special Ops, while multiplayer maps are frequently noticeably inspired by stages in the campaign.

So far, I’m having a wonderful time with Modern Warfare. A return to a modern setting is accurately the game I’ve wanted for years now, and I’m delighted that Infinity Ward has found its groove again after some scrabble.