Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Zombie Mode update

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Zombie Mode update Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Zombie Mode update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Zombie Mode update, AS-VAL Nerf, Night Mode 2.0 & More, verify Community Update.

The all-new Season 3, Call of Duty Mobile: Tokyo Escape has obtained a warm welcome indeed as players from all over the community are pouring a lot of love for the update.

Call of Duty Mobile never misses an opportunity to converse with the fans on joyful occasions such as this.

On April 23rd, they unveiled another community update that involves new maps & modes in the game with some of them joined to the PC Counterpart known as Call of Duty: Warzone. Further updates feature virus fixes & feedback reports. Pursue the article for comprehensive information.

Event Roadmap
  • 04/21 ~ SMG Supremacy Seasonal confront
  • 04/22 – 04/27 ~ 3v3 Gunfight (MP)
  • 04/22 – 04/27 ~ Cranked rejuvenated (MP)
  • 04/22 – 05/04 ~ Radioactive Agent Redemption (information below)
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~Alcatraz BR
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~ Coastal 24/7 (MP)
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~ Night form: Enhanced (MP)
  • 04/23 – 05/06 ~ Primitive Redux Draw
  • Radioactive Agent Redemption

    To observe the launch of Season 3 of Warzone and Verdansk 84’, Call of Duty Mobile has initiated this brand new event where you can succeed characters such as T.E.D.D., Hazmat Soap, and Hazmat Bomber by just playing Warzone once during the occurrence period.

    After effectively completing one match, the player will be given a Warzone Token in their Call of Duty: Mobile mailbox. Please consider using a similar account for both games if you desire to accept the reward.

    New Map: Costal

    The most recent Search & Destroy limited map is now ready to drop in. For now, the map is live below the Coastal 24/7 Playlist, which shows S&D and Prop Hunt.

    As an additional bonus, you can also grasp rewards such as Weapon XP, credits, and the latest camos by playing this map. The rewards can be maintained under the live event section of the By The Sea event.

    As per CODM, “This map was exclusively designed with that form in mind, with calculated options accessible at each turn, whether it is flanking chances, choke points, or verticality.”

    New Night Mode update: NODs 2.0

    With the addition of the new night mode, NODs 2.0, COD Mobile has pulled the Night Vision. Now instead of continuing on the whole match, the Night Vision Goggles have inadequate battery backups, i.e. once the battery runs out, you are on your own while your rivals are covered in all that darkness.

    Developers consider the incomplete support of Night Vision Goggles will persuade more strategic gameplay.

    Adding up this, players can grasp free rewards for playing Night Mode under the Brought Nods 2.0 occurrence. The awards are Calling Card – Ready for Action, QXR – Side Scale, Spray – Short Fuse.

    AS-VAL Nerf

    Due to its unmatchable anger in close range, the AS-Val has been tweaked. Some players might have observed the disparity but as the gun is not very effective in long-range, many players would concur that it’s reasonably balanced.

    Chinese Version Features in Global

    Call of Duty Mobile has declared that it is considering various ways to apply the astonishing features from the Chinese version in the Global Version but the work is still in progress.

    Zombie Update

    Replicating the same description from last time, there’s still no concrete update on the much-awaited revamped Zombie Mode.

    Bug Fixes

    These in-game mistakes have been tackled & will accept a quick fix. Verify the list

  • Calendar Bug monthly
  • Animations based on weapons in BR
  • DLQ33 – Zealot Scope Misalignment