Among Us Parent Game Review

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among us parent review among us parent review

Among Us got released in 2018, but in 2020 the tables turned and the game got a massive hit. Innersloth has created nervousness, the multiplayer thrill of in-person cloak and dagger games such as Mafia and Werewolf function on PC, mobile, and comforts with much success.

I had a great time killing, lying down, and finding my way through the charismatic sci-fi world made me wonder why I got to know late about this game. Some technical hitches need to be worked upon like the Scold's fussy engines.

The foundation of this game is easy enough that anybody can learn it quickly: 8 crew members rush around a cartoon, claustrophobic spaceship to fulfill simple mini-games and load a shared progress bar.

Among Us Online Game Reveiw

But among them are two hidden impostors to secretly murder everyone until they equal or outnumber the crew and declare success. And yet, like so many outstanding multiplayer games, it's very risky to master because it’s about fooling actual real people, not gaming an AI. You can't even fall back on the same victorious strategies too often or your opponents will hold on, so sometimes you have to blend things up and maybe even act irrationally to keep them guessing.

The art is capricious, with your globular, peculiar astronauts stumbling around engine bays and reactor decks that resemble the doodles I used to do in the margins of my notebooks in school.

This is efficient for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it lightens up the mood, which is vital in a game where you're going to be lying to, and being lied to, by your friends every single round. It's difficult to take getting ganked amid a task for the fifth time too individually when the animation for your downfall makes you laugh after you're done yelling.

The art style also makes interaction with the numerous machines and doodads on the map intuitive and pleasurable. I was able to fall right into my first match and get a straight understanding of what was going on without needing much help.

Searching for a match can be exasperating since the clunky, dated browser only illustrates an incomplete number of lobbies at a time. It can be hard to discover games that aren’t already full or are a long way from getting there.

Among Us Review for Parents

Among Us lives up to the hype generated by its delayed explosion in fame, for the most part. It's a manner of intense, refreshing multiplayer experience that merely didn't catch on digitally recently.

Its well-earned following speaks to just how appealing murdering and deceiving your friends can be, as well as Innersloth's endearing art, accessibility, and intellectual mini game design.

I don't have any idea that this will be the last game of its type to make a splash since we’re already seeing its authority on even mega-games like Fortnite.